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About Armando

Armando wants nothing less than for you to look and feel AMAZING.  For over 15 years Armando Aversa has been one of the most sought after weight loss specialists in Fairfield County.  

What makes Armando so unique is that your success is his passion! His encouragement, enthusiasm, likability and energy is something that must be experienced.  

Armando will unquestionably bring out your best you by providing you with unparalleled knowledge and wisdom to easily lose weight.

When you experience his love toward helping you, you will see first-hand why his clients have had continued success for well over a decade and why you will undoubtedly succeed with reaching your weight loss goals.   

Lose 20 Pounds Or More In Less Than 10 weeks GUARANTEED.  Call NOW!


The best part is that Armando's workouts are gradual, and geared to you, and again... Realistic. He wants you healthy just as much as you do, and he wants it to last!
    Angelica, Woodbridge CT
    Lost 22lbs of fat in 8 weeks
    Shawna, Age 38
    Lost over 20 pounds of Lat!
    Karen, Age 50
    Lost over 35 Pounds of fat
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    Armando Aversa
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    Nutrition Counseling-Spiritual Healing
    Monroe, Connecticut