Cheryl, Age 44

Lost 32 pounds of fat!

My Story

When you work with Armando you will receive ALL the tools to overcome your obstacles. Don't hesitate to call Armando let your journey to success begin!  My personal success story began for me after I had my second daughter. I was the typical mom with two kids, a job, and tons of excuses!  I truly believed I didn't have enough time in a day to accomplish my every day mom/wife duties, how could I ever fit in exercise and prepare healthy food consistently? I was very good at getting exercise in here and there and eating for the most part healthy foods but being consistent was a huge issue for me until I met Armando. The last 4 years thanks to Armando have been the best four adult years of my life!  His motivation, words of wisdom, knowledge about: foods, workouts, attitude and most importantly God, has been so uplifting it unleashed an inspiring feeling in my heart. Now, I finally can relate to him at such a different level.

There is plenty of time in a day for "yourself!"  Armando would always tell me you don't have to work out that much. He would say just give yourself 30 to 60 minutes even if it's for 3 to 5 days a week. In my mind, I always felt it had to do more than that and that is why I believe I always had excuses. I dedicated only a little time a day for myself and it is so worth it!!!   Armando always made eating healthy and exercise easy.  I'm living proof. I own my own business, have two children, volunteer on the school PTO, coach my daughters basketball team and still make time to workout a little each day. I made it part of my life! I lost well over 30 lbs. since I have been with Armando and have kept every pound off for 5 years now.   For 5 years everything he has taught me; the proper amount of exercise, the foods to eat and to stay away from, the right time of the day to eat certain foods, how to believe you are worth it, and most importantly for me was to find peace within myself.   Armando always emphasized if you believe in truth and you will find a sense of Peace that will take over your mind to keep your new way of living and thinking stay alive forever!! I will be forever grateful to a man I met as a health trainer who now became a positive mentor, friend and a believer in me.  Armando truly changed my life forever!   Wooowhoo 44 and NEVER FELT BETTER!