Debbie , Age 49

LOST OVER 27 pounds of Fat!

My Story

Armando what makes you unique is that you look at each woman you meet and see their own individual gifts and potential and you work with them to help them become the best version of themselves.   You aren't trying to mold us into your idea of perfection but instead help us mold ourselves into what we want to become. Someone with the typical fitness program isn't at all concerned about what foods I like, or how many kids I have, or whether I have gym equipment at home or whether I have any medical concerns. They just dictate to me basically what worked for them, thinking that because it worked for them it will work for me.  They don't take into consideration my lifestyle at all. They want me to become them.  And you want me to become a better me, not you.   When I was 9 years old something happened to me that completely changed my relationship with god for the worse!  So much so that he didn’t even exist for me for a long time.  So typically I became a very rebellious teenager and started drinking at age 13.  I have used alcohol as a clutch for almost my whole life.  Some stages of life were worse than others but I never didn’t drink.  And along with this struggle with alcohol I was also struggled with my relationship with God.  For some reason in my life those two things seemed related. So fast forward to now…after 2 months of working out with you (in August) somewhere I found the courage and resolve to stop drinking (after 30 years).  And as a result of that and the next few months of spending time with you I feel Gods presence so completely and so powerfully it has been life changing.

So I ask myself, what it is about you, Armando that gave me that courage.  For 30 years I have struggled with my drinking habits.  I was always thinking about it how I should stop or at least cut back.  Then after 2 months of meeting you I find it within me to stop?  It doesn’t make sense really.  So something about you has allowed me to make this change.  No one in my whole 45 years of life has had this effect on me.  It’s more than that you met me where I was at, or that you’ve had an incredible amount of patience with me and that you never demanded anything but rather encouraged and guided me.  I mean all those things I try but this is so much deeper than that.  God has chosen you specifically to work this miracle in my life (how does that make you feel to be an instrument of God – like Moses) But here’s the thing, this isn’t just about me and how I feel about you.  I know that you have this effect on other people too.  I see it in the way my kids have responded to you. There is something about your spirit and soul…something that reaches people on a different level.  That’s why I know you are going to reach a level of success that most people never will. So, when you are among the rich and famous of this world and you have forgotten about the little people, remember that there is someone out there who will always be praying for you, for your happiness and success.  I am externally grateful to you (literally) and if there is anything you need, ever, I will be there for you.   There are so many amazing things happening in my life right now and you are connected to all of it. Thank you!!!  Debbie