Judy, Age 58

Lost 46 pounds of Fat!

My Story

A friend of mine recommended Armando to me after I kept talking to her about my unhappiness with my weight and my desire to get healthy. At the time, I was having a lot of problems with my right knee and it looked like surgery would be the final outcome. I thought there was no way that I could start an exercise program because of the pain and limited mobility of the knee, so I kept making excuses and she kept insisting I go see him, even going as far as letting me know that she had talked to him and he was waiting for my call. So I scheduled a consultation with him even though I was scared and wasn't sure I could make the commitment. Once I met with and talked with Armando I knew he was the person who could help me lose weight and get healthy.

His passion, enthusiasm and positive attitude gave me the confidence to believe that with his guidance I could do this. He told me if I trusted and listened to him I would reach my goals and I did!! Armando started slow with my work out program (no Biggest Loser work out here!) to accommodate my knee, explaining every step of the way, each phase and intensity of the workout. We discussed how to change my eating habits and not to think of this as a diet but a change for the better. While it was hard, it was also easy knowing he was there every step of the way to help, advise and encourage and most importantly to listen. I only wish that I had done this sooner! Today I feel great and knee surgery is no longer an option. If you are tired of how you feel and look and at a loss for how to get started, Armando will show you the way -don't wait!!