Karen, Age 50

Lost 50 pounds of Fat!

My Story

"I met Armando 2 year ago through my son who plays baseball and started training with Armando. We talked about what he does for women with his training methods and such. I figured here was an opportunity that I just could not pass up even though I thought that I didn't need to lose weight. Thank God I didn't pass it up. Most people don't even realize they have an opportunity standing in front of them but because I was willing and wanting to listen, it was the best thing I had ever done for myself and my family!! Nine months later down 35 pounds, down from a size 12 to a 2 and wearing a bikini, all at age 49.1 am a mother of two and spent all of my time making sure my husband and children were taken care of. What I forgot about was ME. You tend to get caught up in life taking care of everyone except yourself. I didn't even realize it. When I started with Armando I didn't think I was overweight or out of shape. I think the only time I went on a scale was once a year at the doctor's office. I must have gained 10 lbs. every decade after my twenties.

I was definitely in denial. I would buy a good deal of clothes which would make me feel better about myself. My thoughts were if the clothes were new looking I looked good. I look back at pictures of myself now and realize I was carrying a lot of extra weight and size. As I said I am now down to a size 2. I cannot tell you how fabulous it feels to go into a dressing room and slip into a size 2 pair of pants and they fit. When I bought the bikini last summer and I was driving home tears were rolling down my face. What Armando has done for me in addition to weight loss is he has made me an entirely different person in a very good way. I am a stronger person mentally; I am happier and I feel more confident. This has been a lifestyle change for me which will be with me forever. I am now 52 years old and just decided to buy a restaurant. I am very excited and nervous at the same time, although I realize I can do this. I believe Armando played a big part in my decision to own my own business. He has made me realize I can do anything I want to do. I just need to want it bad enough. Armando I do not know what to say other than THANK YOU a million times over.
-Karen, 53 Mother of 2