Kathleen, Age 55, 4 Children.

Lost 16 pounds of fat & Gained 8 pounds of Muscle

My Story

My first training session with Armando Aversa; a trainer with integrity, passion, knowledge and kindness. Wow! Little did I know I was about to embark on a transformative journey that opened my eyes to so much more about a healthy mindset and living than I had previously understood. Weight loss truly is all about being healthy in mind, body and spirit! By 49 years of age, I had reached a point like most, where I no longer fit into most of my wardrobe. And consequently I had became complacent about those typical extra pounds. I had it in my mind that extra body fat was a by-product of aging and beyond my control.

Armando easily changed my mind toward having the self sabotaging thought that I was to old to get results. And I quickly came to embrace that being physically fit and getting lean were not only doable but fun,enlightening and empowering when done so with Armando. My time with Armando is about maintaining the on-going dialogue that keeps me on track. His passion for my success is evident in every session. This is one of Armando’s greatest strengths. His upbeat outlook is infectious and his willingness to be on call when support is needed is an added bonus. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend Armando Aversa as a personal trainer.