Lou Occhicone, Age 45

Lost 32 pounds of fat in less than 12 weeks!

My Story

I was never into working out like most people and couldn't get myself motivated. Then my son started training with Armando and one day he said Dad why don't you work out with us. I am 45 years old and clearly added some extra pounds over the years so I gave Armando a try. That was the day that changed my life! In less than 3 months training with Armando, I lost 32 pounds and went from 22.4% body fat to 10.2%. Thanks to Armando and his positive attitude, I changed my diet and have never felt better.

Armando is much more than a personal trainer. It is obvious how committed he is to his clients. He customizes each workout to fit my needs and abilities and I'm sure he will do the same for you. He doesn't look to check off boxes he assesses you and your needs. I am incredibly thankful for the day that I met Armando and look forward to our training sessions each and every week. If you needs inspiration and guidance Armando is your coach!
- Lou Occhicone
Trumbull, CT