Michelle, Age 40

Lost 32 pounds of at!

My Story

Struggling with weight has hindered me to be the best me I could possibly be, therefore; I was having a hard time loving myself.  Being overweight caused me to have severe knee pain, which resulted in having two surgeries in my mid-twenties. I tried everything to lose weight. I went on numerous diets, lifted weights, performed tons of cardio and all it did was create more knee pain for me. I became depressed, lost and just simply gave up.  Then I came across Armando! Armando has assisted me to who I am today.

I have lost 32 lbs. of fat and I am living life the way I have always wanted pain free…I feel amazing!!! I can finally say that I was able to exhale, something that I don’t ever remember doing my entire life.  It’s because of Armando and his guidance that I have been so successful with my fat loss as well as finally being that positive open-minded person, the one that I always knew existed!   Each day I thank Armando for his dedication to helping me become who I always wanted to be.  I now love myself, once again, and know that I am in the best place of my life!!!  Thank you Armando -Michelle, 40 and living the life I love!