Nadine, Age 40

Lost 35 pounds of fat in 60 days!

My Story

When you need to loose over 100 pounds getting started can seem both daunting and overwhelming! Finding help after many frustrating past failed attempts took "a leap of faith". After just completing 20 sessions of personal training with Armando Aversa I am now down over 35 pounds. Wow! I would normally say "I can't believe it" But Armando installs a "can do" attitude in all of his clients and so now I can confidently say that I do believe it! I also now TRULY believe that I will loose the rest of my excess weight with his "not to rigorous" training sessions and listening to all of the great advice Armando gives me.

I feel truly blessed to be working with Armando, I've heard other people say that "he will totally change your life",and now I agree! I don't see food or exercise in the same way & whenever I feel tempted to eat badly or miss a workout, I hear Armando's words of creating newer healthier habits....! He has a talent of making his words get in your head. As if he's right there continually coaching you. Absolutely, hands down, Armando is THE BEST weight loss/personal trainer out there! If you are fortunate enough to get an opportunity to work with this incredible guy and you're READY to FINALLY loose the weight or tone up you should fight to get a slot on his "high in demand" schedule, you won't regret it!