Shawna, Age 38

Lost 21.5 pounds of fat!

My Story

"I love being a mom, but I had forgotten how to love being me and just gave up on looking and feeling like a woman should. I tried every program out there, hired trainers and went on every fad diet...nothing seemed to work for me. I continued to forget about myself and put everyone else ahead of me. When going on vacations I was so embarrassed to get into a bathing suit whenever I was going on vacations because I just didn't feel like I use to feel comfortable, sexy and beautiful. After speaking with you I feel alive again! I feel happier and stronger; both mentally and physically even more so than when I was in my twenties. I am in the best shape of my life. I am completely confident that these results will last a lifetime.

I would want nothing more for every mother to feel young again. From the bottom of my heart, as you always said Armando, I truly believe that mothers are the missing link in our countries obesity epidemic. I cannot thank you enough for opening my eyes as I can only wish that you reach the tens of millions that you are so confident in doing. I have no doubt that you will. For each and every mother out there, feeling whole again and finding yourself, is almost as amazing as giving birth. For any of you mothers out there receiving this message I can vouch that you will not be disappointed.! know, with these tools, you have instilled in me I have the ability and power to live a happy and healthy life for myself and my family." -Shawna. 38 Mother of 2