Tracy, Age 46

Lost 40 pounds of Fat!

My Story

I was lost and at my lowest, without hope, without a plan.  I needed a major change (life overhaul), but did not know how I was even going to start let alone loose 30 lbs. so far.  It’s cliché, but I just made the call.  Armando saved me, and my results are life changing and long term.  I am confident I will continue this transformation, continue healthy living and reach all my goals.   Put your trust in Armando, like I did.  Listen and learn from Armando’s wealth of expertise. 

Armando will lead you on this journey in mind, body and spirit, in a way that works for you.  You do not go from A to Z overnight.  Everyone has a different path and Armando will show you the way, with ease, one step at a time. Lace up your sneakers, and make the call!